Welcome to Safer Driving 4 Life, our program is designed to give new and experienced drivers a real world advanced driving experience, in a controlled and safe environment.


Our curriculum integrates a number of hands-on, advanced training exercises where teens and adults will learn crucial skills that may one day, save their life. The program focuses on teaching skills and behaviors that go beyond what drivers learn from a standard driving education course. Safer Driving 4 Life allows students to experience the vehicle at its limits, in a controlled environment at low speeds.

Safer Driving 4 Life prepares motorists for real world situations, by exposing them to potentially hazardous situations in a safe, controlled environment. This is accomplished in a 1 day course (with lunch provided for students) that includes:



•  Class Room Session

•  Skid Car exercise simulating weather conditions such as rain and snow

•  Emergency lane change exercise / Accident Avoidance maneuvers

•  Braking exercise

•  Distracted driving exercise

At Safer Driving 4 Life, students are taught by accomplished professional instructors, as well as driving industry professionals. The instructors use their skills and experience learned through years of professional driving to teach the principles of defensive driving on the road.  They instill safe driving habits and improved confidence before a lesson is learned the hard way, resulting in injury or worse. Our team works hard to create a fun atmosphere that will put even the most timid student at ease.


Teenagers with a temporary driver’s permit and some driving experience are eligible to attend. Adults can also reap the benefits of a defensive driving course.  Our program is designed for any driver.

Location: The Palace of Auburn Hills -  Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Phone: 248-561-1399  |

Email: info@saferdriving4life.com